Monday, 30 October 2017

World’s oldest cat dies

Who:Nutmeg the cat  Liz and Ian 

What:The world’s oldest cat has finally used up the last of his nine lives – passing away at the age of 32             Nutmeg, the long-lived cat had  breathing difficulties at the end of August, and vets were unable to save him after he suffered heart failure. He was put to sleep in early September owners Liz and Ian  say the death of their beloved moggy has left a massive hole in their lives.The couple adopted Nutmeg after finding him in their  garden in the 1990.
They took him to the vets and told them he was at least five, making him 32 when he died.he was a  Guinness World Record holder.

When:September 18, 2017

Where: ???

my opinion: That is an old cat. I wonder what sort of cat it is?

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

New Zealander makes world’s largest piano

Who:New Zealander, Adrian Mann

What:Adrian Mann, has made the world’s largest piano, the Alexander Piano.  it is 6 metres long, it makes all the normal Pianos look small The piano is 1.2 ton and is about the same length as a 10 tonne truck – not something easily stored in a concert hall, let alone someone’s house.
So for now, it is on display in the Alexander Pianos at the Dunedin workshop.

When:October 16, 2017

Where:New Zealander

My Opinion: that is a huge piano

October 16, 2017

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Who: Nabi Tajima Violet Mosse Brown

What: Violet Mosse Brown,was the oldest person in the world,but passed away.On Friday now Nabi Tajima is now the oldest person Nabi Tajima has a huge family — nine children (seven sons and two daughters), and more than 140 descendants, including 28 grandchildren, 56 great-grandchildren, and 35 great-great-grandchildren.

When: September 25, 2017  On Friday 117-year-old Violet Mosse Brown, the oldest person in the world, passed away.

Where: Nabi Tajima She lives in a home in the city of Kagoshima.

My Opinion: that is very old an i wonder when  Nabi Tajima dies

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

World’s first mobile phone museum opens

When: September 11, 2017

Who: Tourists and the man (owner)

Where: Slovakia.

What:A new mobile phone museum has opened. do you know that cellphones used to weighed more than today’s computers the man (owner) has 1,500 model phones The museum, takes up two rooms in the mans house

there is a fully functional, 20-year old, brick-like Siemens S4 model, which cost  23,000 Slovak koruna  (NZD$1200) – more than twice the average monthly wage in Slovakia when it came out.

My Opinion:that is a lot of phones and I wonder how meny work

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Typhoon Hato hits Hong KongWHENAugust 25, 2017WHO Chinese PEOPLE AND WATERWHERE Hong Kong storm has moved on to the southern Chinese mainland.WHAT The worst typhoon in five years has HIT Hong Kong Many people have been injured, and THREE have BEEN killed THE storm caused more than 400 flights to be cancelled 200 TREES HAVE BEEN UP ROOTED AND BLOCKING THE ROAD cars have been left under water